Our stairlifts are secured to the steps of the stairs. It is secured to the most suitable side of the stairs, depending on available space.

No, there is plenty of space for others to continue to use the stairs as normal, our stair-lifts fold away neatly

Our straight stairlift needs only 26 inches and our curved stair-lift needs only 27.5 inches (to ensure you can swivel around comfortably.

An ACORN Curved Stairlift uses 35kwh per year and an ACORN Straight Stairlift uses 23kwh per year. An Acorn Stair-lift typically uses the same amount of electricity as a small television on standby.

Stairlifts operate via a battery when in motion, these batteries charge from the mains when parked. The stairlift will continue to operate during a power cut, once it is fully charged. A battery will store enough power to operate approximately 15 trips without being charged.
Therefore your stairlift will operate during a power cut. However, we would recommend that you conserve the battery during this time and it is also advisable to switch off the power after each use.

There is a black on/off switch behind the seat. Turn off to conserve the battery. Please remember to turn this back on when the power returns.